Philadelphia Future Track Program – City of Philadelphia Department of Streets

A series of trainings and support services designed to address job readiness preparations, workforce development training, effective use of technology, leadership, and literacy. Through real-time, seminar-style sessions, small group exercises, consistent reflection, coaching, including individual action plans, and continuous, diverse assessments, participants gain the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to create and reach professional and personal goals, including but not limited to obtaining or retaining employment.

Certificate in Advanced Administrative Performance (CEAP) – University of Pennsylvania

The Certificate in Enhanced Administrative Performance (CEAP) offers a cutting-edge model designed for individuals eager to elevate their skills, leadership capabilities, and overall productivity. Through tailored sessions led by seasoned practitioners, participants delve into reflective practices, culminating in a personalized presentation addressing authentic needs for professional and personal growth. Expect outcomes ranging from articulating thoughtful career goals to transforming personal deficiencies into productive strengths.

AEW Executive Coaching and Leadership Institute

The AEW Executive Coaching & Leadership Institute is a 21st-century innovative leadership training program designed for individuals seeking to cultivate their desire to lead, and for institutional and organizational leaders seeking to build and/or strengthen their team’s ability to perform.

Customer Service – University of Pennsylvania

Training and professional development for the Division of Human Resources, University of Pennsylvania, in the areas of soft customer service skills for diverse audiences, including but not limited to clear communication, time management, active listening, and adaptability, to hard customer service skills, including but not limited to service/product knowledge and digital literacy.

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