Dr. Alyn E. Waller

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Dr. Alyn Waller has written a riveting book for men that gives practical and yet profound principles for facing the challenges of life. The genius of this must read book is that he is willing to be vulnerable and share his own personal stories of trial and triumph. This gives others the courage to examine their own lives, make righteous choices and succeed.

– Cynthia L. Hale, Senior Pastor, Ray of Hope Christian Church.

The Code of The Righteous Warrior Book

The Code Of The Righteous Warrior

In this insightful book for both men and women, Rev. Dr. Alyn E. Waller explores how healthy manhood can improve the lives of men, women, and communities. As pastor of the mega-church, Enon Tabernacle, Waller extracts wisdom from his counseling of thousands of couples and men. He imparts lessons from his martial arts training and shares experiences from ministry.

This book highlights:

  • Ten lifesaving principles for living better, freer, and on purpose.

  • How to constructively apply the five M’s: Manhood, Marriage, Ministry, Music, and Martial Arts.

  • Where you fit in the job market and how to create financial security.

  • Living without being ego-centered, overbearing, or blocking your partner from expressing his or her greatness.

  • How to deal with the fact that your partner earns more money, or has a better job, or owns the home you live in, or is more educated than you.

  • And much more.

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