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01. Teacher Induction Program

The Teacher Induction Program is a thirty (30) hour professional development course. It is designed to align with the standards held by school districts and state departments of education nationwide. NSA highly regards the role educators have in creating global citizens. In respect for that goal, all of NSA’s training environments and curricula are culturally inclusive.

When you complete the NSA Teacher Induction program you will be able to:

• Teach to established standards
• Evaluate the impact of your instruction on student performance
• Use your student achievement data to plan and deliver curriculum
• Tailor instruction to address your students’ specific learning needs
• Learn how to thrive in the culture of your school
• Demonstrate that your methods of instruction are aligned with your school’s mission and vision
• Articulate your plan for building stronger teams among your students and colleagues
• Create a student-centered classroom

Program Components:

  • Orientation
  • Mentor
  • 24/7 access to course content
  • Office hours for one-on-one sessions

Your immediate supervisor may award ACT 48 credits once you successfully complete the 30-hour course.

02. Teacher Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a second resource for teachers taking the Teacher Induction Course. Your NSA mentor is a highly trained, experienced professional who serves as your guide through the often confusing, always demanding maze of being a new teacher. Your mentor will meet with you weekly to support your growth as a teacher. The more you grow professionally the better your student achieves.

Training is based upon The Marzano Evaluation Model. Candidates participate in inquiry using the Improvement Science model developed by the Carnegie Foundation.

As a teacher in the NSA Mentor Program you will benefit from:

1. Mentoring
2. Observations
3. Assessments
4. Receiving feedback
5. Comprehensive Professional Development

03. College and Career Readiness Program

The College and Career Readiness Program is a fifteen (15) hour series for ninth through 12th grade students. According to The United States Department of Education website: “It's critical that, collectively, we raise the bar so that every student in this country—regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or geographic location—is held to high learning standards that will ensure students have the skills to compete in today's global, knowledge-based economy.” The College and Career Readiness Program is designed to prepare students to accomplish this goal.

Successful students will complete this program with a portfolio that includes:

• Sources for scholarships and other financial aid
• Strategies to earn money to pay college expenses
• Personal statement to submit to College Admissions Officers
• College admissions essay
• Submission to at least one college using the Common Core Application
• Checklist of important college admissions dates and tasks
• Ability to communicate effectively with school counselors regarding the admission process

Program Components:

• 10 sessions
• Live Zoom webinars
• Google Classroom
• Weekly office hours
• 24/7 access to course content
• Certificate of Achievement
• Closing ceremony

04. Accountable Leadership Series

• 10 sessions
• Live Zoom classroom
• Weekly office hours
• 24/7 access to course content
• Certificate of Achievement
• Closing ceremony

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Experience Learning through NSA On-Line!

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